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Unfortunately I think most people do not understand how the 'system' works and people fall between agencies. However my experience with the EEOC has been constructive (Oakland, CA). Hopefully my experience will remain positive throughout the process.

I believe, based on the demographics of new hirees, that unlawful or unethical hiring discriminations are even worse now, not only by the private sector but, also, by the public sector including the federal agencies. With so many unemployed white Americans looking for jobs during current, deep recession, I suspect that even those in the federal agencies try to hire as many white applicants as possible, over their similarly qualified minority peers. Clearly, EEOC is not doing enough to even enforce the official nondiscriminatory policy which the federal government agencies must follow better than the private sector. However, if it cannot do so, the least it can do is just be honest and do away with the lofty statement of nondiscrimnation based on race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, etc. It is down right offensive and infuriating to many unemployed Americans who are consistently discriminated by one or more of these factors, when they are otherwise qualified for the jobs they apply but are constantly rejected. Put another way, when there are plenty of mediocre or, even, less qualified whites who are hired or remain hired even during this hard economy, it is a clear proof that they were not hired solely due to their merits or qualifications alone. Enough with the propaganda already!

I think that companies are being more careful in how they carry out their racial biases. The likelyhood of having a racially motivated word fly out of the mouth of a racist employer is very slim. Though it can happen, emplyers are being smarter about the way they handle things. For instance, I was harrassed and fired by a black woman who was ordered to do so. The EEOC is getting more and more watered down due to lack of funding. This factor really takes away from the public trust in many private as well as public owned companies that overtly display racism.

In EVERY U.S. Census on record, statistical data shows Blacks receiving lower salaries than whites WITH THE SAME EDUCATION LEVEL! How can this be? It’s simple! EEOC has failed to seriously enforce race discrimination laws! Laws prohibiting bank robbery are VERY SERIOUSLY ENFORCED. Laws prohibiting employment race discrimination ARE NOT!

Great article on racial bias are soaring, but I, unlike, beth quinn, know that discriminatory behaviour has increased. I am a member of a diverse group of people and I can honestly say that this group of people is subtley discriminated against almost on a daily basis in the workplace. Too bad, the EEOC does not keep statistics on subtle or hidden discrimination or outright discriminatory practices in the workplace that actually happen but are not reported. The workplace is a cesspool for discrimination and I am afraid that will never change. It is good that we have laws, but the spirit of the law is not practiced in the workplace. I do agree that organizations need to educate employees and management on anti-discrimination behaviour as often as they can and seek new ways to effectively carry this out.

I would make one correction to your comments. Title VII CLAIMS have gone up. We have no way of knowing if discriminatory behavior has actually increased. Research has shown that system capacity, media, education, etc. all impact rates of formal complaint-making independent of the actual rates of illegal behavior. However, I do agree that organizations need to keep on the ball and have proactive ways to effectively educate employees and management.

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