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Finding the right person for the job would only be considered as part of the HR role. Even if this person would turn to be the biggest asset of the company... I think Marie would have to try harder... HR professionals should bring added value to the "big table". They should bring new ideas that no other management member could think of. Being able to contribute to the "bottom line" numbers and being a real "business partner" is what HR is expected to do, especially these days. Marie should learn more about this new initiative and try to find in-house solutions that would be cost effective to the company. Find relevant employees within the company (by doing ongoing "Talent management") that can help start this new direction. Helping the management team see the probable implications this new initiative might have on other teams in the copmany etc... These kind of steps would get Marie a meaningful seat next to her CEO at the big table...

This is a real problem for many HR professionals and I've encountered it on ocassion. The best way to gain credibility with your constituents is to learn everything you can about their business. Attend all meetings, contribute to discussions, visit sister plants/offices, be creative, don't be the HR police. Instead of saying, "We can't do that," say, "Let me see what I can do about overcoming that obstacle." It may take some time, but trust me, it works!

I would have to say "NO" it will not get Marie a seat at the strategic table. The process stuff described above will only be seen as what is expected from a HR professional. The process described is what HR do, research, examine, explain/train and hope we are taken seriously. The HR profession is not respected like "IT" should be. It is really hard to break through the CEO/CFO walls and get them to notice how important and deserving HR is as a strategic partner...even behind the scenes. The work performed by HR is not just administrative support. I think Marie will need to show how the newhire will contribute to the bottom line. How the new hire's skills, knowledge and abilities will help the company profit from the type of work they will perform. She will have to show (numbers).I look forward to seeing if and how she manages. School the rest of us so younger generation can learn. Thanks HR Proud!

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